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Spring photos #photography

Spring landscape

The weather has changed this week and we really do have spring weather. I took some photos yesterday and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. When I was taking this shot, which I’ve done many times before, I set my camera on manual and tried to get the aperture just right so that small cloud didn’t disappear.



This is Hydes Pool on the other side of town. I tend to shoot down the pool as the length gives me some perspective. This shot across the pool get a little perspective from the tree on the left and the bank in the foreground on the right. I was very aware of the reflections on the water which makes it all more interesting. These are my best spring pictures yet, as the weather is changing.


It’s easy to see how I got perspective with this shot, the road is going away from us and the green grass verge appears to go narrower as it goes away from us. The trees are smaller in the distance too.


People in the shot make it more interesting and add a little perspective too. You naturally compare the people in this shot as you judge distance.


This is the river Tame where it’s joined by a brook, one of it’s many tributaries. This part of the river will have billions of small white flowers in late spring and so that display is worth photographing. The flowers will be along the Tame for miles and I hope to photograph the Tame at that time to show a walk that was planned many years ago and a walk that is open to the public now. We’re about a month into spring now and so we have lots of time to take spring photos. The best time to take photos is early morning or the hour before sunset. The light in these pictures was a little harsh around midday. It depends on the picture, but late afternoon or early evening can be a good time for landscape photography.

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A few extra photos, click one to bring up the carousel:

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