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Springtime in Wednesbury #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, we have sunshine which makes for a nice change so I intend to have a day out taking photos. The springtime flowers are lining the river Tame and so I might try to take a short walk down the river and take a few photos. It will be a very short walk! Springtime is a time of renewal and so I hope to have an uplifting day and blow away a few cobwebs.


Mental health awareness week

It’s mental health awareness week and the theme is ‘body image’. I’ve never been very happy with the way I look but I always think it could be worse. People don’t stop and stare, at least not much. I could be four feet tall with a hump and bald, so I have to be grateful. At least I’ve never had too much trouble changing light bulbs.


Besides the springtime flowers, we also have a few other things that happen at this time of year. I went out to photograph the Tipton horse drive on this day last year but it’s not until June this year. That might be better and it will probably be warmer. It was a little chilly last year. It is sunny this morning but still only 4C.  

Launching the Mayoral chain

Spring also means a new mayor and I assume the launching of the mayoral chain is a ceremony associated with that. I’m going to that tomorrow to take some pictures. I have my hospital appointment first and the result of the MRI scan. It could be tricky fitting in meals. I think I’ll have a good breakfast and make it last me! I seem to be making a habit of that. Taking photos at the town hall will mean flash photography but I think that should be fine now. My previous problems were probably the connection between camera and flash. I don’t seem to have any problem with my new camera.


I took a few photographs yesterday but I wasn’t well so messed it up. The ISO on my camera was too high. I did learn something though and today I’ll be using even lower ISO setting than usual in the bright springtime sunlight which can be quite harsh, as well as very bright. I think some late afternoon shots might give me pictures good enough for another art card.


That’s about it, I am hoping tomorrow’s hospital appointment leads to a change of medication. I might be able to do a few things that my health problems have been preventing. I might even mow the lawn!

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