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St Georges Day 2016

STONE CROSS  St Georges day parade

Yes, it’s St Georges Day, when we remember the debt of gratitude we owe to our patron saint for slaying that pesky dragon. You couldn’t do it today, there would be an outcry from the animal rights groups. They would be parading with banners denouncing the dragon slayer and trying to protect the dragons from extinction.

Here be dragons

Have you noticed that you never see ‘here be dragons’ on maps anymore? That was St Georges fault. He is still a symbol of England and we have to have one after all the Irish have St Patrick. The Welsh have a dragon on their flag, it’s probably the same one.


There will be another St George’s day parade in West Bromwich tomorrow and the patriotic English will be there. There is a tribal element to the parade and I did notice a few people bucking the ‘Englishness’ trend by drinking German beer as they walked through the streets of West Bromwich on that cold Sunday morning last year. That shouldn’t be allowed, if they are going to drink beer, it should at least be locally brewed English beer.

It’s not often you see people around here parading through the streets in their Sunday best, so I might go and takes some pictures again tomorrow.


You might associate this parade with nationalism and the tribal instincts that simpler people have. We all evolved from a primitive tribal culture and all have those basic survival instincts that put food and drink first and reproduction second. The lager and the curry still come first, but the tribal leaders now carry smart phones. There is still a tendency for members of the tribe to look up to and follow the leaders. This is why royalty is so popular. They are someone to blame for the mess we’re all in. This patriotism is reaching fever pitch now with the referendum coming up and people are becoming more tribal and remembering their base instincts that made them the hunter gatherers that survived an invasion by the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. Some of us have evolved into a species that is less war-like, less tribal and are more welcoming to people from other tribes. We are more pragmatic and developed, but we still need those patriots who are willing to die for their country and demand English lager and curry and not that  foreign muck…

I have photographed a few events now. I’ve seen the pain on the faces of rugby players. The excitement of children at a pantomime. The camaraderie amongst friends enjoying an afternoon at the pub. I’ll try to photograph this event tomorrow. I expect to see the pride on the faces of some people, the excitement on the faces of the young. There will be some surly buggers who will glare at the camera – try not to be one of them…

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Happy St Georges Day

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