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St Georges day resolutions #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. Sometimes you just have to be resolute. I ended the photography competition this morning. I tried to be flexible because someone was having problems sending their emails but in the end, there has to be an end! I’m in a resolute mood trying to overcome my natural dislike of getting cold to get myself ready to go and photograph the big St Georges Day parade.

St Georges day

The light

The light always decides how good my photos are. This shot of Hydes Pool, I was quite pleased with but previous shots when the light should have been good, I got poor colours. Shooting close to sunset can give a nice warm colour but sometimes they are too vivid. I prefer natural, subtle colours.

St Georges day

Anyway, am I feeling resolute enough to go out in the cold and damp to photograph this St Georges day parade? I think the weather will decide. It’s dry at the moment but it’s early yet, we still have over 2 hours before the parade. I’m never well and so my natural inclination is to stay in, where it is warm and where I can rest but that would mean I never go out so I have to be resolute and make the effort. I find it even harder to go out and do things when I haven’t been out and about for a while too.


It is the local elections this week. I have already done my postal vote. The usual big mouths have been maligning local councillors on social media, saying they are all bent and taking back-handers. It’s the usual culprits, with their arrogance and lack of any real knowledge of what goes on. I criticise local councillors, but I know them and I always try to be positive. They also ask for my advice and so I can sometimes have a real influence. The main topic for this election is the sleeper factory and that has pushed other issues into the background like the proposed traffic calming and cycle lane which will add to congestion on local roads. There will be congestion this morning because of road closures. I’m trying to memorize my route! Is it me or are there fewer landmarks these days? I used to find my way around by going from pub to pub and even churches were landmarks years ago. Now I see blandness and everything looks the same, especially down the dodgy end of West Bromwich.


I chose a title with an apostrophe in it, that messes up my formatting and doesn’t tweet right. Oh well, I’ll just remove them and let everyone think too ignorant to use an apostrophe! I know some people who substitute the word ‘of’ in place of the word, ‘have’ when they post on Facebook. Do they realise that makes them sound really thick? Probably not.


While I’m getting into my resolute mood to drive me from my warm home and out into the cold I’m also considering camera settings. I’m photographing people and so as the crowd comes closer I’ll shoot with a narrow aperture, probably f/8 and then I’ll make full use of my long lens and go wide open to shoot individual members of the crowd.  I’ll try to get more colourful people and the ones in uniform. I don’t mess around too much, changing settings at events. I change the aperture and that’s about it unless there is a big change in the scene I’m shooting. If it rains, all bets are off! The sky is getting darker!

That’s all for today. If you’re on that parade, watch out for me and wave. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts or find those on my Facebook page.

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