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I’m starting to feel my age #ramble

Yes, It’s Sunday morning and so I let you into the labyrinth that is the internal working of my mind and share my thoughts with you once again. What’s on my mind this week? I’m starting to feel my age, I have a few aches and pains. I need to get out in the sunshine and get some exercise. My photography is a good interest for getting gentle exercise on a sunny day.

Feel my age?

Fabulous Forties

I went to a Fabulous Forties night this week. No, I can’t remember World War two, but my childhood was filled with stories of the conflict and war films dominated the cinema. Nostalgia is big business now as people want to relive their youth through memories. People who are too young to remember also like to imagine the romanticised version of events. We can look back at the Victorian era or wartime as a time when people pulled together in the face of adversity rather than remember the horrors of that time. I actually want to turn the Christmas lights switch-on into a Victorian-themed event with people in Victorian costume. I’ll be Scrooge, of course!

Feel my age

I am starting to feel my age and so beginning to get a little nostalgic and also appreciative of certain elements of the past. I don’t want to remember too much, but I do enjoy some of the art and music that was inspired by troubled times. I detest the division between rich and poor but the Downton Abbey image is one of genteel tea parties in the afternoon and cultured cocktail parties in the evening. I’m not rich but why can’t I enjoy such cultured events? I don’t own a mansion either but I see no reason why we can’t promenade in our Victorian park in our Sunday best or a attend the premiere of an art exhibition and quaff a glass of champagne in our Victorian Art Gallery.


I am tasked with doing some publicity for events in our Victorian Park and I’m doing some publicity for the Business Improvement District and so I’m trying to think how we can go up-market a little. The carnival in the park doesn’t allow any alcohol and I agree that is a good policy to make it a safer event. While a beer tent at events will make money it might require additional security because of increased risk. There was alcohol at the Fabulous Forties night without a problem and so I suppose it depends on the event and the age group it is likely to attract. I might be starting to feel my age but at least at my age, we can handle our drink.


I’m trying to take an honest and open approach to the things I do now. That isn’t easy. I’ve noticed that if I don’t agree with someone or join their cause they tend to think I’m against them. It is an ‘are you with me or against me’ attitude that doesn’t allow me to sit on the fence and examine the evidence before I make up my mind. I tend to base my decisions and allegiances on the evidence.  I don’t regard what the Sun newspaper prints as being evidence. Quite often we have to gather evidence and see what is likely to be true. I saw very large missiles being paraded through the streets of North Korea on the news last night. Were they intercontinental ballistic missiles or were they long lengths of steel tubing with a cone and fins welded on to look like missiles? I suspect the latter. Someone with insecurities who feels threatened by North Korea might disagree with me.

Looking over my shoulder

I feel my age because I’m always looking over my shoulder at the past. I try not to, I try to look forward and think about the future and look at the past dispassionately. We can’t relive the past it’s gone now so we should imagine the future and try to make it the way we want it. My arthritis prevents me from really looking over my shoulder, hence I find it hard to reverse my car. I’ll try to get one smaller in the coming months. I need one I can get in and out of easily too. I shall have another go at getting in and out of an Astra. Yes, I think I might buy an Astra…

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