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State of Mind #photo-challenge


“Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects they depict — and about the people who take them” – Ben Huberman in his post which is this week’s WordPress challenge.

State of Mind

The post is called  State of Mind because he claims that the subject matter is related to the photographer’s state of mind. I think when I took this photo I was just trying to relax. Nature can be very relaxing and in the local nature reserve, there are good scenes to photograph. There is a farm open to the public, so we took photos around there after photographing Forge Mill lake and the River Tame.


Yes, it’s Sunday morning and as regular readers will know, I ramble about whatever is on my mind on a Sunday. Today, it’s Windows 10, which seems to be very slow on browsing. I usually use Chrome with its  ability to quickly browse Google search for whatever info I need. This new Edge browser does the same thing but searches with Bing; not quite the same is it? Edge is a cheap copy of Chrome and neither works very well under Winny 10.


I watched Casualty on TV last night, which for those of you overseas is a weekly drama of life in a hospital emergency department. They lose a few patients, but last night they lost a nurse. They were shocking a patient and the nurse didn’t stand back. She was electrocuted, so then they take her to resus’ and give her a few more shocks, just to make sure…


I have photography on my mind too because it’s Sunday, the roads will be quieter and I can drive without risking a burnout. Apparently the brain can burn out from the sheer frustration of traffic jams and the stress of negotiating roads that are laid out to make it as awkward as possible to drive on them. Do we have to have pavements sticking out into the roads, awkward turns when fast smooth ones would be better and double silly mini-roundabouts?


Yes, I worry about conspiracies. I think the road planners are conspiring to make us all travel on buses. The politicians crazy approach to the economy only benefits people who borrow money at ridiculously low-interest rates and then buy property in London where there is a price bubble. Who are these devious bastards? They can’t all be members of Parliament…

I worry about terrorism. Who gives these terrorists money, guns and iPhones? I think there is a conspiracy to keep the world’s weapons manufacturers in business.

I worry about vegetables. The supermarkets insist that parsnips are straight and of a standard size, yet this week, most supermarkets have been selling cauliflowers and broccoli that were starting to go rotten… The parsnip police ought to chill out and look at the whole range of veggies.

Mental Health

I worry about mental health. Most people seem to believe what they want to believe, what is convenient at the time. It’s not just smokers and amateur alcoholics, some people actually believe they can run whole countries. I think they get brainwashed at Eton and Oxford. I’m not even sure where Donald Trump was educated or even if he was educated. Politics goes from bad to worse, but when Boris Johnson starts to make sense you know we’re in trouble.

State of Mind

I worry about my own state of mind too. I think I need an afternoon of relaxing photography so I can chill out (it’s 3C outside) and remember the important things in life, like money. I might go shopping for a camera bag too. My collection of expensive camera equipment has outgrown my camera bag. Bloggers don’t actually need a camera, but pictures help to make a post more interesting. I might end with a whole bunch of them.

That’s it for today. You can follow this blog, just by entering you email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are more ideas on my Facebook page. Please ‘like’ my Facebook page…

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