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Still-life in lockdown #photography

There are lots of different kinds of photography and still-life isn’t an obvious one. Still-life is associated more with drawing or painting but it can be an interesting way to practise your photography. I’m planning on some still life photography through the lockdown which starts this week. I can find things to photograph and play around with the arrangements and colours. I can also edit the photos and see what I can do that is interesting in PhotoScape. So still life photography has lots of creative options.


Binder look as a border

I used a border that looked like a binder for this still-life. It’s only a few cans from my lockdown food store but I did try to do something interesting with the colours. I also used a flash for lighting which I was careful to bounce off the ceiling so the flash wouldn’t be reflected on the cans. I often shoot on aperture priority but then I’m limited to a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second with my Nikon 750. I shot this faster on manual and so I have a sharp image. The camera used TTL control of the flash and I think I got that just about right.

Surrel still life

Warholesque surreal

I went for a Warholesque surreal look with my editing of this still-life. I like the weird reflection on the jars. The combination of different settings in PhotoScape give us an unlimited number of effects when used together. Keep trying different ones until you find an effect that you like. I used the same border for this picture but there are a lot of other borders that you can use. PhotoScape is a free download too.

Still-life in lockdown

I wish I had a few vintage cameras for my still-life shots. I do have one old 35mm camera and so I might try some interesting shots of that. I also have my lenses.

35 mm lens colorised


I colourised this shot of my 35mm prime lens. Incidentally, this lens paired with a Nikon D3200 takes really good pictures and is ideal for a beginner who wants high-end results. As a prime lens it doesn’t zoom but because it has less glass inside it produces good results and doesn’t break the bank. You can buy a used D3200 and pair it with a 35mm prime or a 50mm prime lens and get very good shots. I actually took this shot with a 28–300mm Nikkor lens at 300mm!

That’s all for this week. Check out my Facebook page for more pictures, etc.

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