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Is it still raining? #ramble

Is it raining?

Is it raining?

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I let you into the weird labyrinth where I keep my innermost thoughts. What’s on my mind this week? On a Sunday, I like to write this ramble in the morning and then after lunch, I like to do some landscape photography while I can drive about without facing mind destroying congestion. Of course, on Friday’s when the congestion is the worst we get the sunshine and on Sundays it’s always raining.

I was out last night taking photos at Churchill’s club where my brother was celebrating his 60th birthday. I have looked through the photos this morning and they are quite good. I deleted far fewer than usual and so I must be getting better at this event photography.

Public relations

I’m into public relations and publicising things now and so the photography and writing will be even more useful than usual. I’ve renewed my interest in art this week and took delivery of a large canvas that I had printed of some artwork I did. It’s not that weird sort of art that seems popular these days but a street scene that I think everyone will relate to. Art should engage the people in some way, not just be an expression of the artist’s neuroses.

Is it raining?

Is it raining? I just had a look out of the window and it seems to be stopping and so my afternoon out might not be a washout after all. Where shall I go, though? I might go exploring somewhere that I don’t usually go. I have become something of a weather forecaster and the rain clouds are dissipating and leaving a whiter sky and much better light for photography than we have had. Things are looking brighter.


Now I’m getting into public relations, I think a lot about perceptions. We all have our perceptions manipulated by the media and even through childhood, we are brainwashed into believing whatever the media wants us to believe. I was brainwashed into believing all sorts of rubbish when I was a kid. Some of it has since been proven to be dangerous rubbish. Smoking cigarettes were grown-up and sophisticated when I was young. Now we know how dangerous they are. We also got brainwashed into beliefs about religion, heaven and hell and the Victorian work ethic. Then there is the belief that we should know our place but aspire to something better which seems to create a conflict. I do have problems being confident and extrovert and humble and introvert at the same time. Anyway, I think my new role in public relations is about manipulating beliefs and I am trying to show the town I live in as a good place to live. I take sunny side up photographs of the town!

That’s about it. I can get on and edit and proofread this load of rubbish and then upload photos to Facebook while my chicken is cooking. It’s in the oven on gas mark 5. I’ll be eating that for days.

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