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Strike a chord #photography

If you’re trying to improve your photography and want to achieve a high proficiency you might like to look at the work of some famous photographers. I don’t find the photos in photography magazines very inspiring because they tend to be photoshopped to what might appear perfection but it is the imperfections that make many photos interesting. I follow a few photographers on Instagram and try to differentiate which shots are engaging and which aren’t. Some shots just strike a chord and besides being technically good, they say something to me. I like a few photos recently from Martin Parr that were about the English seaside. They strike a chord, while his photos of Gucci watches seemed pretentious.

strike a chord

Strike a chord

Striking a chord with the viewer can be as simple as making something iconic the subject of your photograph. In this shot, I have chosen the Farley clock tower in West Bromwich which will strike a chord with local readers.


The British post box is something of an icon too. It will strike a chord with many people especially our ex-pats living overseas. We post letters less often these days now the convenience and speed of email has made the mail somewhat redundant. We still get nostalgic about posting letters and greeting cards, however.

Signs can strike a chord too. This one infuriates some people while others are ‘proud’ to be part of Sandwell. Trying to strike a chord with your photos is about trying for an interaction that you may not be able to verify. It is an emotional reaction to your image. While posting images on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will get a verifiable reaction in the form of ‘likes’ and comments, the exact emotional response can only be imagined and can’t be verified.

That’s all for today. Consider what images might strike an emotional chord, it might be people or places or events but look for images that will produce some form of emotional response and interaction.

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