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Stupid will never go out of fashion

I must admit I find stupidity really hard to deal with. People doing stupid things who have stupid ideas are everywhere. They say that God must love stupid people, why else would he have made so many? The stupid stuff in life is so frustrating, though. That’s why I do landscape photography to help me chill out and get rid of all the frustration.

relieving stupid frustration

Bank Holiday

It’s Bank Holiday weekend and so there will be public events that will attract thousands of people. Does this make sense or is it just plain stupid? Which is best? An Ikea sale that lasts for a month or just a one day sale on Bank holiday Monday when the roads are busy with people going to other events? Yes, this is one of the reasons I hate Ikea; they cause traffic congestion. Councils will also organise shows to attract thousands of people on the same day to add to the chaos on the roads. Why do we allow idiots to run things?


If God is so bloody powerful why doesn’t he sort things out. Why are kids getting shot in Palestine? Why are they getting bombed in Syria? Why are people getting burned alive? Religion is stupid, it causes division and conflict and then the really crazy people start killing each other.

The End is Nigh

Most people accept that the climate is changing and we are basically ruining the planet for future generations. Who really wants us to change our way of life? At any one time, there are a million people in the air flying somewhere (on planes). All these trips add to global warming and climate change. Are they all necessary? Why do racists go to foreign countries and then scour the town for an English pub? Because they are bloody stupid. Why do the rich need to travel the world? Just to show they can do it? Why do athletes descend on one place every four years to show off? Because they are stupid, pure and simple. Then there are the millions of people who watch them on television.

Running to the gym?

There are people who buy expensive gym memberships then drive 5 miles to the gym only to then use a machine that allows them to run ten miles without going anywhere. Is that stupid or what? Why don’t they just run to the gym and back? It would save a few bob…

Just a stupid theory

I have a theory that these people produce stupid children and give them stupid names. Now if we could make a list of all those names, perhaps life would be easier. We would have a list of people to avoid.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts again tomorrow and having a Sunday morning ramble. If you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address at the top f the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also ideas on my Facebook page.

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