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Style never goes out of fashion #thrifty

It can cost a fortune to be a dedicated follower of fashion. Many people want a look that is associated with something considered fashionable. However, we can often achieve the same look, essentially the same style, without breaking the bank. It is the overall look that is important not the detail. I take photos and those expensive designer labels can’t be read or identified in the photos, it is the overall look that is seen. Your taste in clothes says something about you. So think about the style and also about colours. Depressed people and negative people tend to wear black and dark colours more than the light and bright colours.

style without following fashion


It isn’t just clothes that are dictated by fashion but also our homes, gardens and even our cars. Again think about style and the message that particular style conveys. If you’re choosing a picture to go on your wall do you want people to think you’re trendy, cultured or conservative? A fine art print might suggest that you’re cultured or a pop poster might suggest you’re young and trendy.

Personal style

You can develop a personal style that says something about you. You can either decide what that image suggests to others or you can simply follow a trend. Your personal style will be influenced by the television you watch, the movies you like and by the newspapers and magazines you read. When you have thought  about the style message you want to convey and have an image in your mind, then you can shop on a budget and look for affordable clothes that fit with that style. You can look in charity shops, discount shops and supermarkets.

Getting older

My youthful days are long gone and I’m trying to enjoy retirement. I can still be aware of fashion but decide my own style. Colours are important and so I try to choose light colours. I have to be practical at my age and keep warm so I’ll wear a parka when I go out today and a Thinsulate beanie hat with leather gloves. No, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s practical. When I did photo-shoots in the summer I wore Wrangler worn-broke jeans and a Henley tee-shirt with a pale coloured trilby to keep the sun out of my eyes. Did I look trendy? I doubt it! It was, however, a distinctive style that helped me be more easily recognised as the photographer. I’m wearing the same style today, but with a sweater, again, the collar is a Henley style (grandad collar). I obviously didn’t spend a fortune on my clothes and most were from Matalan.


Accessories are the finishing touches. I don’t wear jewellery, but if I did, it would be a subtle statement. I do wear a Sekonda watch that looks expensive but isn’t. Again I’m really being practical. I’ve had my watch a long time and it is reliable. Even spectacles and cell phones can be fashion statements these days, the former are seen all the time, the latter  more briefly. I do spend a lot on glasses for practical reasons, the phone is less important. I am thinking about buying a new phone, again for practical reasons. I’m admin of not only A Zillion Ideas on Facebook but also a history page and one for the local park.

So style can be achieved without being an avid follower of fashion.

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