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I have been giving my subject choice a lot of thought just lately. Not only considering what I usually choose to photograph but looking at other photographers work and seeing what they are choosing. I am admin the local history page on Facebook and the most popular images are those that show the way our lives have changed over time. Will telephone boxes be around in the future? What about post boxes? Will email be the end of those?

POST BOX - a good subject choice?

Post boxes

There are still a few post boxes around and I photographed this one last week but there are also the ones that are set in the wall. There is more than one type of telephones box too.

300 VALLEY (14)

Subject choice

It will be interesting to see how quickly these prices change. Subject choice can be determined simply by what is likely to change. Prices change, the style of vehicles and buildings change and fashions change so I have a lot to choose from.

Wednesbury (9)

Urban landscape

Urban landscapes change too, this scene has changed in the last few years. Signage has changed and trees have been cut back or removed and the tower block has been renovated. Making change my subject choice will produce more interesting images and more useful images for future generations.


Vehicle styles

Vehicle styles change all the time and there are many types of vehicle to photograph. Rather than just photographing the vehicle, I think photographing them as part of an urban landscape makes the image far more interesting.

The light

In considering these subjects, I must also consider what the best light will be for each subject. The light for each of these shots was different. The last shot was a sunny afternoon and ideal for that shot but when the light isn’t so good then maybe I can look at photographing urban landscapes and a poor light might make an industrial landscape look darker and set the mood for that type of landscape. A cloudy sky can also diffuse the light and bring out the detail in some subjects. I obviously have to be on the lookout now for things that will change. Signage is an obvious choice and is all around us but is taken for granted and so we miss the signs that are not of interest. I will have to be even more observant.

That’s it for this week. If you live in Sandwell please contribute some of your images to our Sandwell Pride of Place Project on Facebook. Can you find a subject choice that will change with time?

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