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Such is life #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. I have a bit of a cold this morning and I suspect that was part of the reason I was really unwell yesterday. I got to the fete at the town hall too late to photograph the winners of Wednesbury in Bloom and then had to leave early as I felt so ill. Such is life, some things are unavoidable.

such is life


The surgery nurse advised me to phone the hospital  and ask about the appointments they promised me. I think I’ll do that this week. I try not to bother them too much if it’s not urgent but I think adjusting my medication could make me feel a bit better. They can’t fix my complex health problems so I have to be content with trying to control them. Such is life, we can’t always have things the way we want them.

Art cards

I’m still keen to produce a couple of new art cards before the end of the year so people can put them inside Christmas cards. I’ll need libraries and other community places to help sell them, though. I hoped to do some for Tipton but will need to talk to a few people and get some idea of whether they will sell in Tipton. There have been some changes on the council which could make a difference.

Such is life

C’est la vie – such is life could be my motto for life. We just have to bend with the prevailing wind or we risk being broken by it. Life is full of problems, risks and challenges.


At least my photography keeps improving and my photographs yesterday were acceptable. I took photos in the town hall without a flash. The photos were quite sharp but slightly grainy. I think I’ll try a different white balance setting next time to try to improve the colours. My old camera was better on an auto white balance setting so I’ll try that with this camera. Getting the best photos that I can possible get is always the aim and I do that by experimenting a little. I did send some photos from my camera to my phone and uploaded them to Facebook. That was fiddly but a great way to publicise an event when it is just starting and there is still time for people to attend.


I’ve been developing ideas for promoting the History of Wednesbury page and have even considered asking for sponsors for the page. I share some posts in certain groups now which gives them greater exposure. The page on Facebook is now like the town newspaper and does a lot more than history.

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