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Summer at last #ramble #Wednesbury

Yes, it’s summer at last here in the Black Country. My water pressure was down last night so either the water company is trying to save on water or my neighbours using more.

summer at last

Coconut tree

We can’t just sit under a coconut tree and enjoy the sunshine. We know it isn’t going to last forever, in fact, we’ll be amazed if it lasts until the end of the week. Life was hard in pre-historic times when the fruits of summer ended and the hard winter began. This made the British people more industrious as they tried to produce enough food to last through winter. Men left their wives and children to tidy up the cave while they went out and made tools and invented the wheel. This became a habit and the seeds of an industrialised nation were sown. It wasn’t just hard work that changed things, but the desire to make the future better and a creativity that allowed nature to be exploited. From inventing the wheel through to developing the steam engine to modern technology using electronics. It all depended on ingenuity. We should all beware of anyone who wants to stop the development of civilisation or wants to control it. Marx wanted the ‘means of production’ taken into ‘public ownership’. He didn’t want to advance civilisation, he wanted to control it and hold it back. While we must beware of monopolies and cartels we must also beware of government control too.


They say God loves stupid people. Why else would he have made so many? I don’t mind the stupidity, it’s the ones who think they’re smart that drive me crazy. I saw a guy standing at the kerb yesterday, looking like he wanted to cross the road. When there were no cars passing, he still stood there. Then you get people who ask your advice and do the exact opposite to what you advise. Then you get those traffic lights that stop all the traffic to allow people to cross the road even though no one has pressed the button to cross and drivers who are already late and stressed get another couple of minutes of nerve-jangling frustration as the traffic lights beep for an army of invisible people to cross the road.

Summer at last

It might be summer at last but it’s a bit windy. It won’t stop me from going out today and taking a few photos. My Facebook trolls have gone on holiday and so it must be summer. I’m actually an admin on four Facebook pages and although it is time-consuming, it isn’t the time that bothers me. It is often people who know nothing about social media strategy criticising, that tries my patience. Social media is now an important way of getting a message across to the public without spending a fortune. It gives ordinary people a way of expressing themselves and communicating. There is some skill to doing it successfully, just like anything else, Facebook pages compete with one another for people’s attention.

Black Country football

The good news this week was that the Bank of England cut interest rates and is effectively printing 60 billion in new money. The value of the pound fell again and a couple of Black Country football clubs were bought by Chinese ‘investors’. Well, they might as well buy them while they’re cheap.

That’s my ramble for this sunny Sunday. If you would like to follow my blog, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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