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Summer bargains #thrifty

I had another good weekend, going to  events. I went to a community project and photographed a model railway, then on to West Bromwich Manor House on Saturday. Then on  Saturday night I went to a Big up the Black Country Event and photographed some local performers.


There was even family friendly burlesque on at the Manor House with Geeta Von Tease. I think I spent £6 over the whole weekend. £5 on drinks and 50p each time I went to the Manor House. That’s quite thrifty, but I didn’t need to buy so many drinks. I always have drinks in the car, but traders at the Manor House have to make some money, so I bought a drink rather than walk back to the car. I try to encourage local enterprise and events.


Anyway, we need to look for bargains!

The super-six at Aldi this week are nectarines, courgettes, cocktail vine tomatoes (250g), sugar snaps (160g), salad potatoes (1kg) and cauliflower. Those offers last until 29th of July. They are all 49p each.


I bought this lantern for 2.99 from Aldi this week; including batteries. There is a tab that insulates the batteries, that you remove before it will work. They don’t work in the store. That is a compass on the top, they never work! It provides a good light and seemed brighter than my energy saving light bulb in my bedroom. It would light up a small room or tent easily. I’ll probably use it when I have a barbecue. I might keep it in the car in the winter. It takes 3 AA batteries; use high power batteries if you want a brighter light.

The special buys today are mostly kids stuff and back to school clothing. If you  buy the back to school clothing through the holiday, it might be less of a strain on your bank balance. You can pick up the bargains too.

The Sunday special buys are for kids too. There’s a jumbo paddling pool to help keep them cool.  I like those bubble guns, they press the trigger to blow bubbles. I saw those at the carnival, kids will enjoy blowing bubbles. The bubble guns are 4.99.

Matalan has new stuff in and a sale on a lot of summer clothes. You might want to check out their school shop too for back to school clothing.

Tesco has a sale on F&F clothing as well.  They have a better selection on-line than in the stores.

If you’re looking for bargains, check out some of the buy and sell groups on Facebook. There are lots around where I live selling used and pre-loved bargains!  You can also sell your crafts through those groups too. I considered selling framed photos.

That’s all the bargains for this week. Have you spotted a bargain? Please share your find in the comments box. You can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar or you can follow me on twitter for updates.

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