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Summer carnivals #photography

CARNIVALS 2014 (70)

It’s only just over two weeks now to the summer solstice and we have really good light on sunny days for landscape photography; but I’m looking now for colourful events like summer carnivals and fun days. These two lovely ladies did a great pose in the summer sunshine. 

Summer carnivals

CARNIVALS 2014 (79)

Most of today’s pictures are from Wednesbury’s 2014 summer carnival in the park. They not only provide a record of the event, but also remind people of a great day out. They also publicise this year’s summer carnival that will be on 11th of July. I’ll be there again taking photos!

CARNIVALS 2014 (84)

You want to take photos that demonstrate the flavour of the event and this one of Mickey and Minnie does that! A landscape showing the crowds too helps to show how popular the event was.

CARNIVALS 2014 (112)

This one isn’t too bad, but there is a lot of green in it. Carnival shots should be colourful! You can improve the picture by zooming in on a more colourful scene.

CARNIVALS 2014 (140)

Don’t forget this year’s summer carnival is on the 11th of July and one week later there will be a classic car show at Walsall Arboretum on Sunday, 19th of July and there will be lots more events through summer. Next week is the Tipton summer carnival in Jubilee Park, all weekend.

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I’ll end with a few more pictures from last year’s summer carnival in Brunswick Park, Wednesbury and from the Party in the Park that was the same day in Darlaston. Click the first picture to bring up the carousel:

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