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Summer days #thrifty

We are a week into summer and you can, not only find cheap days out, you can find totally free days out. The cost of transport will probably be your greatest expense. Look for summer days out in your community. I went to a great open mic evening at my local library and took photos on Tuesday.

summer days out

Summer days

The obvious place to spend sunny summer days is the local park and we have a great Victorian park. I wander around it taking photos but there is a community group that organises sporting events. Children can just turn up on a Monday evening to play rounders. That’s fun and it helps keep them fit and healthy. It doesn’t need expensive equipment or major alterations to our lovely Victorian park, either.

Community centres

Community centres offer lots of activities from crafts to gardening and if you need an invitation then they will be inviting people to go along to their summer fetes and summer fayre soon. So just go along and see what they have on offer and get involved. I’m going to a summer fayre at Rough Hay community centre in Darlaston on Saturday to take photos. There will be stalls and a barbecue. There will also be the indoor option if it rains too!

Rainy days

We have had more rainy days than summer days just lately here in the Black Country but we remain optimistic. The Wednesbury Carnival is on the 9th of July and while it is tempting to spend lots of money at a carnival because besides the stalls there is a fun fair which can be expensive. You do have a choice and can spend as much or as little as you want. I’m so thrifty, that I have to make a mental note to at least try to actually spend some money at the charity stalls and give them support. I’m a bit too old and delicate to risk the fun fair.

Value for money

I see people shopping and they spend money with very little thought. They even buy expensive items with little thought to what they cost or whether they are value for money. I went shopping for clothes recently and had definite ideas about what I wanted. I wanted a retro look reminiscent of the 30’s. The clothes were for a party in the park and it was cancelled due to the weather and so I intend to wear my outfit for the carnival. The right clothes can make us feel more confident and generally make us more comfortable in public. Giving some thought to buying them is an investment and value for money is important. I have a hat to wear now on those summer days when I take photos. It helps me stand out from the crowd and keeps the sun out of my eyes. I don’t order people about or ask them to pose when I take photos, I like the fly on the wall style of photo with people looking natural and having fun. Looking pretty doesn’t mean photogenic. Looking great in a photo is about being relaxed and looking happy.

Summer barbecue

If you’re having a summer barbecue there are lots of sausages and other barbecue food in Aldi now. I had a 500 ml bottle of Banks’s bitter this week for just 89p too.

That is all for this week. Do you have a thrifty tip for enjoying those summer days? Please share it in the comments box or post it on my Facebook page. You can follow this blog just by entering you email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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