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Summer Ideas


Today’s picture is of Forge Mill lake in Sandwell Valley, West Bromwich. The temperature at the moment where I am in Central England is 20C, but set to rise higher later. It went as high as 40C in places yesterday.

We’re not really used to it being hot after a cool wet spring, but summer is here, just in time for Wednesbury Carnival. That water might look inviting in warm weather. It is cold, as the water evaporates it cools the lake, but jumping into pools and lakes to cool off is dangerous. I saw some people paddling in the river last year, that’s not so bad, but can still be dangerous for small children. The cold of the water can take your breath and your clothes can soak up the water and become heavy. On a hot day being near the water can be cooling, so try to enjoy the warm weather and be sensible.

Summer Ideas

Clothing can be a problem with the heat too, yesterday I saw many people wearing just shorts and tee shirt, but that can be dangerous too. It’s a good idea to shade your skin from the sun or use sun block, even in Britain. Wearing a sun hat can be a good idea to shade your face too. Dark colours absorb the heat, but light colours and white reflect the heat. Have you ever noticed that Arabs in the desert either wear white to reflect the sun or black. It seems crazy to wear black because it absorbs the sun, but there is a reason for black clothes, they are very loose and the hot air inside the clothes rises and takes a away the perspiration and so there is a cooling effect. That’s the theory anyway. I’ll stick to my white tee shirt today! Some summer ideas like eating hot curry to produce perspiration might work, but I’ll pass…

Sunglasses can be a good idea, if you have good eyesight. I don’t have good eyesight, so I have transitions lenses in my glasses that go darker with the sunlight. Some people just think it’s cool to wear sunglasses, but if your eyesight isn’t so good, don’t wear them for driving.

We need to keep hydrated this weather too, so we need lots to drink and iced drinks can be very refreshing. Some of those drinks can be expensive, but you can make you own iced tea very cheaply. Make it weaker than usual and maybe add a little lemon juice or even add lemonade to your iced tea.

It seems a shame to shut the sun out after a long winter and a wet spring, but closing curtains might keep some rooms cool. Try not to use too much water, because water pressures drop and that can cause a problem. Be careful using hose-pipes too. You probably want to water your garden, but be responsible with water, it’s a precious resource.

You can build up your health in summer by drinking vitamin rich drinks and eating more cold food like salads, but add vitamin rich fruit and vegetables. Ice cold orange juice is much better than a fizzy drink for building immunity through the summer. Eat lot of fruit too, because that will build immunity and be quite refreshing if you keep it cool in the fridge.

Do you have any summer ideas? Please share them in the comments box below. You can follow this blog, using the widget in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Enjoy summer!

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