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Summer Living #thrifty

summer living

It’s not long now to the summer solstice on Monday the 20th of June, then we can start out summer living with picnics and barbecues. We can if the weather stays nice anyway! Can we do our summer living without spending too much money?

Days out

Check on your council website to look for places for days out or just Google for places. My neighbour did and found a nature reserve, my car was on the picture of it, so what better recommendation!

summer living at an LNR

Summer living

They went to Sandwell Valley near West Bromwich where there are two farms open to the public. The River Tame runs through there and there is also Swan Pool and Forge Mill Lake. Check to see where your local nature reserves are and what they have to offer.


You can have an inexpensive barbecue in your own backyard cooking burgers and sausages and you can make it a bit special for the kids by decorating your yard or garden with bunting. If you’re going to do you summer living at an LNR, then take a picnic. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do individual picnics with a salad based on seafood or make it a really mixed salad with cold sausage, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and spring onion. Please remember to tidy up after your picnic, don’t leave litter.

Summer living at your local park

The local park is a good place to do a bit of summer living too. We are organising a picnic in Brunswick Park in a few weeks time to the soothing sounds of Black Country Brass.

The weather isn’t quite good enough for picnics and barbecues but if you wear a sweater it isn’t too bad so enjoy spring, summer passes far too quickly.

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