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Summer picnic ideas.

There are lots of places to go for a picnic where I live in England. This park is a good place, because they have tables with benches. Notice the litter bin on the left too. Use it! You don’t need a picnic basket, but they are useful if there is a few of you. You can make the picnic simple or go for caviar and champagne.

Besides parks there are nature reserves and woodland. Anywhere near water is good; you can feed the ducks with any bread that’s left over!

The food needs to be cold and so sandwiches are great. You can have salad sandwiches, with cheese, ham or salmon. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can do the salad in a plastic container separately. Salad sandwiches do tend to go a little soggy! I like cold chicken drumsticks for a picnic with snacks like crisps. You can get crisps in a wide variety of flavours and so take a selection. The food doesn’t have to be cold, you can take hot drinks in a thermos flask. You can also use the flask to keep drinks ice cold. Why not try making you own ice tea if it’s a hot day? That is very frugal.

You can add to the excitement of a day out with a bus ride or a train ride. Kids really enjoy going on the train. It might be a ride out into the countryside or even to the seaside. There are lots of places in England to go on a summer’s day. If you take your own food and drinks then you’ll be less tempted to buy food while you’re out. Cans of Coke or Pepsi are about 3 for a pound in Poundland, but expect to pay as much as £1.50 each while you’re out at tourist places.

You can even have a picnic in the garden if you’re really short of money. Make some iced tea  and some cucumber sandwiches. How much will that cost? Not much! Ice tea and cucumber sandwiches on a hot day. Isn’t that cooling?

Where ever you have your picnic, it’s a great idea to take fruit with you. It can be anything, but if you can afford something unusual like kiwi fruit as a treat that’s good. Think about the sticky fingers afterwards though, so you might prefer to choose seedless grapes! If you have hungry kids, bananas are quite filling.

Kids are likely to ask for ice creams while you’re out. That’s great if you can afford it, but why not take some jelly or trifle as a substitute for expensive ice cream? Make individual trifles in disposable plastic containers to save on washing up.

Do you have any alfresco ideas for picnics? Please use the comments box to share your ideas. You can also subscribe to this blog or follow me on Twitter and receive the links.

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