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Summer savings #thrifty #summer

Summer savings on clothing

I did some laundry this morning, so I have clean tee shirts for the weekend. In the hot weather, we not only need to change our clothes often but also be careful about colours. Lighter colours reflect the sun and so we keep cooler. I bought 3 black tee shirts for £9 not long ago, but I won’t be wearing them this weather. You can make summer savings on clothing by shopping at discount stores like Matalan, they have basic tee shirts for around £4 or more stylish one cost a little more.

summer savings

Summer savings on food

Barbecues are popular when we have some nice weather and it is good to make it a social event and invite family and friends. It can work out expensive if you’re inviting a few people and having drinks too. Barbecued chicken drumsticks served with salad is reasonable and you can make a punch to save a little money on drinks. If your guests prefer beer look for offers especially on British beer. Just thinking what to eat when it’s hot can be difficult. We need lots of drinks foods that contain liquid like fruit and ice cream help hydrate us and are refreshing. Look for bargains in the supermarket. Tinned fruit with ice cream isn’t quite as good as fresh strawberries but it will keep all through the week. A cup of tea can be refreshing in summer and spicy foods can make us perspire more and have a cooling effect.

Going out

Going out can be expensive, even a visit to the pub can work out quite expensive. The barbecue might be cheaper in the long run, drinks and food are so much cheaper in discount stores and supermarkets. I’m going to a fête on Saturday where I don’t expect to spend a lot of money. On Sunday, I’ll be going to the park to listen to a jazz band and I’ll take my own drinks to that. Check with your local council for fun days and free days out.


Discount supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl are quite good for fruit and vegetables and so you can make savings on you summer salads. Don’t assume that the discounters are always the cheapest. I’ve had a cough just lately because of hay fever and I’ve been buying Halls Soothers. The cheapest price is Asda and they are even cheaper than Poundland. Aldi hasn’t had any in stock for months. I did notice that Poundland did have bargains on some garden tools and while they might not be top quality if you aren’t going to use them for heavy work they will probably serve the purpose.

Enjoy your summer, wherever you are and whatever the weather!

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