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Summer time ends

River Tame Sandwell Valley

British summer time ends this weekend. We change the clocks one hour (back) and so the nights will be darker and the mornings will be lighter for a while at least. The colours of nature are changing and the trees and changing colour as the leaves begin to fall.

Finance and education in the 21st century was my blog yesterday. I think kids should be taught about finance and given a practical education. Some kids are better suited to an academic education and they can be the doctors, lawyers and so on of tomorrow; but we also need tradesmen who have different skills.

Investments | Death of Glory was about investments. I think everyone should be encouraged to invest on the stock market and nominee accounts should be changed so online investors have voting rights at no extra cost. Make the stock market open to all and democratic.

The need for opportunities for all was about fairness in society. Giving people real equal opportunities in education, in employment, in business and in investing.

Neodigital Art | Joining the art revolution was an opportunity to become a neodigital artist, all you need is a camera or even a phone that has a camera.

Why do we dream? was another psychology blog. Dreaming actually helps us live our lives and without it we can get quite confused.

Keep it simple or maybe not,  was my Sunday ramble when I write about whatever is on my mind.

That was six blogs this week, seven if you include this one and another seven on my WordPress blog. I hope to get a column in a newspaper or magazine where I can do humorous social comment every weekend. My other ambition is to have an exhibition of my Neodigital Art. We all need opportunities! If you would like the opportunity to write for a zillion ideas, you can send an email to the address in the sidebar. You won’t get paid, but it’s a start if you want to get into writing articles and blogs. This website has the potential to make money, there is lots of space for advertising on the homepage and on over 100 published blogs. I just need lots of readers! You can help spread the word, by sharing with your Facebook friends and clicking ‘like’. I want to avoid the usual advertising and do some graphical adverts that are targeted and that blend in with the blog. The blog in read in over 50 countries and so if a major international advertiser wanted to sponsor the blog then I would use their advertising. Blogs are under-used for advertising; especially self-hosted WordPress blogs. I would like to have sponsorship from a camera manufacturer for my photography and neodigital art blogs for example. Interest from art galleries would be good too! If you would like to write for a zillion ideas, submit photographs, sponsor the blogs, advertise or anything else; get in touch. The email address is in the sidebar.

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