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Sunday hopes and fears #ramble

Sunday after the sun god, Monday after the moon god...

It’s Sunday and so I try to write another Sunday ramble, even though I’m half asleep. I’m on my third cup of tea and the caffeine isn’t yet working it’s magic. People used to worship the sun and the moon, hence the names for the days of the week. People still go to church on Sunday!

It strange what people will believe and worship, stars, planets, gods of war like Thor and Woden, prophets, you name it… They have faith. Are they all nuts?

People this week elected Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour party. They have faith. Are they all nuts?  We have to ask what they have faith in. The man? The policies? They see him as some kind of saviour and he is trying to come across as a man of vision, who has seen the light. Cameron and Osborne are men of vision too and they have seen a different shade of  light; theirs appears to be blue. None of them are right of course, they are fanatics and fanatics are always wrong and so are their fans.  I do like the idea of quantitative easing for the people, but pulling out of NATO is probably a bad idea. Nothing is perfect, not even nature or we would have no disease. It’s survival of the fittest in a world that evolves with no master plan.  Master plans for master races are always doomed from the start.

The  loonies should all worship the moon, that would make sense.

It’s strange, but people tend to either look at things in a very pessimistic way or optimistic way, they rarely achieve a balance. I read adverts that say the stock market will crash this year, which trades on the worst fears of investors. Then there are adverts that trade on their hopes and dreams and promises great riches if they invest in the companies the advertiser recommends. The advertisers are making money from hopes and fears and are probably clueless about what the stock market might do this year.

Religion preys on people hopes and fears too. There are these invisible gods that you can talk to, but don’t talk back, that will fix everything if you just have faith. Why haven’t they fixed anything yet? Well, we ain’t had enough faith have we? Have you noticed that the people who have everything, the wealth and all the money go to church a lot and claim to be better than us ordinary people? In the lottery that is life, they seem to be doing well. Maybe their prayers and worship isn’t so they get divine intervention that will enable them to make more money. Maybe it’s more of an insurance policy driven by the fear they will lose all their riches?

Sunday ramble

I’m rambling, I need another cup of tea. It is the Sunday ramble, though, so I’m allowed. Right? Many of my readers are also bloggers and will have the same problems writing that I do, despite all the help from spell checkers, grammar checkers and so on. Despite putting all our faith in technology and applications, we still have to think about how our creations will be found by that almighty deity of the internet; Google. Google listens, but ignores stop words and is quite demanding about keywords. I have a somehow add my keyword throughout today’s Sunday ramble or the Google god will ignore my solemn request for inclusion in its database. Do you think we should have a day named after Google, like Goodday instead of Monday?

Anyway, that’s all for today from Woden’s burh. Yes, even the town I live in is named after a god. You can follow this blog and receive an email every time I post or you can follow me on Twitter for updates. Have a good Sunday, may the force be with you…

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