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Sunday photography


This is the waterfront bar near Walsall Art Gallery where I went on Sunday. It’s a reasonable good place to take photographs especially in bad weather, because I can also go into the art gallery.


I do try to get photos level using the computer, but that’s not always accurate. The Wharf Bar has an unusually shaped roof, so we have odd angles. Usually the best way of getting an image straight is to use a vertical line as the guide in the centre of the image. You can’t always see the horizon and that’s not always accurate anyway.


This is the Centre for Oneness, being a light coloured building, it reflects more light and so makes for a good image. As you can see there was some cloud, but it was mostly a blue sky on Sunday.


I got some good photos of the Midland Metro too. These are useful as ‘stock’ photos and can be used again and again when I want to write something about the Metro. Notice the bright yellow copyright notice, photos like this are a prime target for newspapers who steal copyrighted material. Obviously, I have spent a lot of money on equipment and spend a lot of time taking the photos, it’s only right that I should be rewarded for my work. I don’t charge much for a photo and often give them away free.


Different images of the same subject convey a different message. The tram going away from us might fit well with a story about someone leaving. I also shot some images in quick succession which are useful for an animated GIF. You can make animated GIFS with Photoscape. I’m also starting to use my camera to shoot HD video.

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