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Sunday politics

Politicians don’t seem to have a very good understanding of science and technology. If they did, they would be better politicians. Hundreds of years ago, it was the landowners that were the wealthy people, because they controlled the means of producing food. Often they were given land by the monarch for aiding them in a feudal war. Then the land was passed down from one generation to another.

The Empire

The industrial revolution changed things and not only helped farmers produce more food, but steam power allowed for the mass production of clothes and other goods. The power source was coal and the knowledge came from science. This led eventually to the railways and the pollution that went with the widespread mining and use of coal.  The first instances of lung cancer was in boys who swept the chimneys. Advances in agriculture and industry came at a cost. Progress was greed driven as Britain tried to use it’s superior technology to take over the world. There are some people who still long for the days of the British Empire. Stories of the railways generating wealth still abound, but it was wealth for the privileged few. The people who built the railways and mined the coal had a hard life.

Road transport

The railways era was followed by road transport and it appears that we have progressed. We’re not really sure what all the modern chemicals are doing to us. The chimney sweeps of a few hundred years ago suffered lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. We too pay a price for ‘modern living’ and spend a huge amount of money each year on the National Health Service. Health workers have been promised a 1% pay rise next year and the government says it can’t afford the 500 million pound bill. Despite all the technology we have in doctors surgeries and hospitals, we still need a huge staff to care for the sick and injured. At one hospital the chief executive has complained that many staff drive to work and require car parking, even though they live less than a kilometre from the hospital. The chief executive lives far away; but takes the bus and the train.

Does anyone really enjoy commuting to work? I hear people complain about the ‘school run’ too. The mothers who have to do it don’t like it and the people caught up in the twice daily traffic don’t like it. We also have the twice ‘daily rush’ hour as people drive to and from work. Is taking the bus and the train the answer? Buses use diesel and trains use electricity. When I was a child, kids walked to school and most workers walked to work or rode a bike. Was that more sensible?

Sensible politics.

Students expect to go away to university, this involves travelling. Is it necessary? Do they have to go to the ‘best’ university? Why can’t all universities be of high standard? The same applies to schools. If all schools offered a good education, children could walk to their local school, rather than being driven to the school chosen by their parents, because it was one of the ‘best’ schools. Is a new academy better than a well established school with a good reputation? Is a new car better than a car that is 3 years old and has never broken down? Maybe some people are obsessed with things that are new. They need the new house and the new car to drive their children to the new school before they go off to their new job. Is this a form of insecurity that makes some people constantly chase money and status?

Why do we constantly need to centralise things and build iconic buildings like civic centres? Why do towns need ‘city status’? If it a national inferiority complex and why do our inferior politicians pander to it. Are they too feeling insecure? Perhaps it’s the structure of our society that’s to blame. The prime minister is summoned by the Queen and feels inferior and so to bolster his ego he summons his cabinet and makes them feel inferior and they make policies to make the rest of us feel inferior and insecure.

Does science have the answer to our national problems or do we need some kind of national mental health program? It seems some of our problems began with royalty giving away land and fighting for power and they are still at the root of the nations problems. Oh well, only another 24 years to another flag waving Jubilee… That’ll cheer us all up…

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