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If you’re a regular reader you’ll know on a Sunday morning I write about whatever is on my mind. This morning it’s the Black Country Festival, there’s only a few days left. There’s a fun day today in Victoria Park, Tipton and some events in Walsall as part of their town festival. It’s raining…

The weather is always a problem with outdoor events. I think I’ll go to the Walsall event today if the weather improves a little. We can’t let a little rain spoil our weekend can we? I just found out it’s the last day of the Walsall town festival today too, summer goes by so quickly. There will some fun days for children now they have started their summer holiday.

One of the things I’ve been doing this week is research for our local history group and I’ve posted a few things on the Facebook history page. People like things that show we are a community and like the things we have in common. I posted a picture of the maternity home where many of the people were born and people were even admitting to how old they were to share a common factor in their lives with others. I suppose being born is a big event! We celebrate it every year!

I also designed a new banner for the Facebook page which I’ve used to to start this post. That was popular and why shouldn’t we take some pride in the community we live in?

Civic society and civic pride is making a comeback and not just in the community I live in, but around the world. I suppose it’s the global economic mess that is making people think about making their communities better and not wanting to be led like sheep by the politicians. Even some politicians are in favour of people having more control over their own lives. I think civic society could help in fixing the global economic mess. Support for local businesses could encourage localisation. I read that the price of eggs is rocketing in the United States and one enterprising local business is renting out chickens. That’s what we need, some innovation. That could catch on couldn’t it. It could be a franchise and go global. They could call it Rent-a-Chicken…

I’m in favour of social jobs. I think local councils should take on people and train them to be decorators, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers and gardeners. While they were training they could help build new social housing. If we spent 50 billion on training people to do work that is really needed, rather than spending 50 billion on HS2 which is only needed by people who want to go to London in a hurry; it could really benefit Britain.

I wear a hat when I’m out photographing events now. It makes me stand out a little and people have started to recognise me as the guy who wears a hat and takes photos. Someone recognised me last week and I wasn’t even wearing a hat. The hats do have a practical purpose, they keep the sun out of my eyes and if it’s starts raining keeps the rain off my glasses. I can even take my hat off and use it as a fan if I get too warm. I think today is a black hat day, it’s going to be showers for most of the day.

Many of my readers are writers and bloggers too. They will be used to getting writer’s block, which is a bit like having a huge meal in front of you and no appetite. When my mind goes blank and I don’t know what to write next, I make tea! A cup of tea will at least allow me to finish a post. If you want to have a go at writing or photography, I can help. You can write a post for A Zillion Ideas and send it to me. I’ll read it and edit to remove any grammatical mistakes and maybe even improve it a bit. Usually, people don’t end articles with a good conclusion and so I sometimes add a couple of sentences to the end. I’ll also give you some advice on writing. There are awards for blogging, I’ve won about four, none of them recently! You could become an award winning writer! I’m thinking of entering a local photography competition now, but have to get an entry form this week. It sounds good when I say I’m an award winning writer and photographer! I even get offered jobs now I don’t want one…

That’s it for this week. You can follow this blog by entering your email address in the sidebar widget or you can follow me on twitter for updates. You can also comment and share you thoughts or write for a Zillion Ideas!

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