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I’ve photographed a few events this year. The carnivals, the cricket match and fun days. I think I might have wore myself out, literally. I had my hip joint repaired 12 years ago and I might have worn it out already.

Sunday ramble

I hope it’s something else that’s easy to fix. It’s quite major surgery to have a hip replacement and the recovery isn’t easy. I don’t fancy walking on sticks for 6 months again. Anyway, as usual this is my Sunday ramble when I ramble on about whatever is on my mind.

Photography is on my mind, I said I would photograph a fun day today. I’ve taken some paracetamol for the pain and so I’ll see how I feel. It’s at a local pub and I might have to walk up hill a bit. Climbing stairs has been a bit of a challenge this week, but i think it’s getting better.

The stock markets tanked this week too and so I’m hoping they will start to pick up tomorrow. The world economy is a mess, the ‘experts’ don’t really know what they’re doing. Economics isn’t exactly rocket science is it?

The other thing on my mind is lunch, I bought a turkey drumstick, so I’ll cook that later. In February I cooked one and shared it with a graduate from China; she liked it so much we had to go to Asda the next Sunday morning to buy another one!

We went out last night to take photos and I took a photo of some kind of industrial tower with a sunset as the backdrop. The security guard came out and asked us not to photograph it. I think he was just covering himself or maybe he was just bored and wanted something to do. I always try to be helpful and so we went to another location to take photos. I haven’t even looked at them yet. We have had a week of nice sunsets and a clear full moon last night. Sunsets are OK as a backdrop to a church or something, but a little boring by themselves.

Anyway, I’ll finish with a few of the photos that I have taken so far this year. Don’t forget that you can comment, follow this blog or follow me on Twitter for updates.  Have a good Sunday…

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