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Sunday thoughts and giant goldfish


What do you think of today’s picture? It’s only a tree, but I think it’s artistic. It’s better than that pickled sheep they had in Walsall art gallery last year. I’m back to writing my Sunday rambles on Sunday morning. I was scheduling all my posts and writing them in advance. It was confusing writing  my Monday psychology post on a Saturday, I kept forgetting what day it was.

Bit Moody?

This week we have seen Britain’s AAA credit rating cut by Moody’s to AA1. Do we care? Who are Moody’s anyway? They are just agents of the super-rich. Who says the super-rich have the right to rate sovereign governments? The government is now more than a trillion pounds in debt. This debt is largely in government bonds, 375 billion of those bonds are held by the Bank of England bought using QE (quantitative easing). The Bank of England was nationalised years ago and so the government holds it’s own debt. Confused? I’m not surprised. You’re probably not as confused as George Osborne.

If you had a business that wasn’t doing too well would you stop the kid’s school dinners or re-mortgage the house and invest a little more in the business? George Osborne seems to like the former solution, send kids to school with jam butties…

Giant Goldfish

It seems some people get fed up of their goldfish and just dump them in the lake. Unrestricted by the confines of the goldfish bowl, they grow into giant goldfish. This is what has happened at Lake Tahoe in California. They have goldfish weighing up to 4 pounds and measuring up to 18 inches. I might be weird, but I read a story like that and the price of fish comes to mind. I start wondering what goldfish taste like. Then I have images of inspectors going into the nation’s fish and chip shops doing DNA testing on the fish just to make sure it’s still cod and not Tiddles cousin  from across the pond. It does make you wonder doesn’t it?

Double header

Last week, a guy in New York died on the way to his wife’s funeral and so his daughter quickly organised a double funeral. She posted this humorous message for mourners:

“Surprise – it’s a Double-Header – Norman and Gwen Hendrickson – February 16, 2013.”

It seems her father had a sense of humour and was known to be very thrifty and so would have liked the irony of getting two for the price of one on the funeral. Why don’t we do funerals like that in the UK. Buy one get one free, it works for stuff in supermarkets.

Special Offers

With austerity really biting in Greece, undertakers are putting funerals on special offer. People can’t afford them and are even refusing to arrange for relatives to be taken away from hospitals after they have passed away. The Greeks are known for their lavish weddings too and they are cutting back on those. Less plate smashing and smaller candles. All this isn’t good if your business is organising weddings or funerals. If mankind is to progress we need to have growth. In the UK David Cameron is trying to grow the wedding industry by allowing gay marriage. Perhaps the Greeks could try that? Changes in our National Health Service should help the funeral industry grow for a while, but that could be a dead end.

The end of the Eurozone recession

The Eurozone recession should come to an end in 2014 according to the European Commission. That will please the government, they have an election in 2015 and look like being kicked out in spectacular fashion. This will please the Greeks too, who will have leaner and meaner funeral and wedding industries. If they threw polythene plates around at weddings they wouldn’t break and they could keep on reusing them. It’s this kind of frugal thinking that will bring the recession to an end…

That’s the lot for this week’s ramble. I shall be writing about psychology tomorrow. Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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