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Sunday thoughts #ramble

Yes, we have snow. It looks nice, but baby it’s cold outside!  I have to clear my path and a way to my car and then clear the car. Snow landscapes can be very pretty but also difficult to take and I suspect there is ice under that snow, so driving will be difficult.

My sister’s granddaughter aced the Voice on BBC television last night, so I’ll try to share that with you today! You can see and hear  Megan sing on YouTube, unfortunately, it won’t embed into my blog post.

My post yesterday used this photo of Megan that I took when she performed locally:

I also used photos of the many other talented people I’ve photographed over the past couple of years. The Black Country is well known for the talents of Noddy Holder and Slade, but now the next generation is taking up the challenge and becoming known.

I think it’s about time to cast aside our doubts and fears. The Black Country was well known for its industry but when that wasn’t the money spinner for the investors they quickly pulled the rug out from under us and moved on. Maybe this time, it will be different, with new talent not only emerging in the Black Country but staying here and making it better.

I’ll be going out taking photographs whenever I can of anything that happens. Today we are covered in snow, so I’ll try to record this and create another page in history. I think a little enthusiasm can go a long way and even help me overcome my arthritis as I clear the snow this morning. We only have one life, one chance to do something that people will remember. I hope people will see my photographs in the future and even read this blog and remember when they were younger and maybe happier.

That’s it for today. You can see more of my photos on my Facebook page. You can also follow this blog by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or simply follow me on Twitter for updates.

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