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Sunset colours #photography

Lots of people will photograph a sunset for the deep reds and bright oranges but rarely see that the warm light from a sunset offers a lot more possibilities. The sunsets can be a little boring too, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Try to get something in the foreground of your sunset and use the sunset as a backdrop. The Eiffel Tower looks nice in the foreground but a few trees can look quite dramatic!



Silhouettes against the sunset background can look quite artistic but also look for shots in the opposite direction to the sunset. Use that warm light to illuminate your subject for dramatic effect.


Details and patterns

You can see a lot of patterns and detail in this picture. The pattern on the building is highlighted by the warm intense light. The fence also gives a silhouetted pattern against the light sky. The aperture for this shot was quite narrow at F 18 and I still got 1/160 second on aperture priority.


Sunset on the water

In this picture, I have the sunset reflected on the water of Hyde’s Pool with the tree in the foreground and a couple of geese on the water adding interest. A coot has left a trail across the water that adds interest to the picture.


Sunset Colours

This picture relies heavily on the sunset colours and the silhouetted trees and pylon. The sun was over the right and silhouettes the trees quite nicely. The reflections on the water add interest too. You need to make the image interesting or there is no point in creating it.

The sunset colours make today’s images very colourful and vibrant. You can set your camera on ‘vivid’ for this type of shot but I prefer more subtle colours and so I set my camera on portrait for these shots. I’m thinking of having one or two of these shots printed to see what they look like at 300 dpi, which is a much better resolution than my computer screen.

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