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Super-moon, the weather and the state of the world

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I will let you into the dark passages of my mind with another Sunday ramble. What’s on my mind this week? Well, the super-moon, the weather and the state of the world.

super-moon on the 14th of November 2016


Yes, I have super-looney thoughts as I’m thinking about photographing the super-moon next week. The super-moon will be occurring on the 14th November and again on the 14th December. The moon will be closer to Earth than it has been since 1948, and it won’t get as close again until 2034. I shall have my 300mm lens on!

The weather

It is supposed to be autumn up until the winter solstice but the weatherman says it’s winter now. The leaves are falling and it is getting decidedly chilly. I wanted a long overcoat and a top hat for our Victorian Christmas event, but I can’t figure out the size. It’s an Asian size. I could go to Debenhams but to buy a coat from there I would have to sell a kidney. I think I’ll go dressed as an Arctic explorer, the same as I did last year. I have the remembrance services to photograph next week, they will be cold events to photograph too.

The state of the world

If I didn’t have enough to worry about with the weather and preparing for Christmas, Donald Trump could be the next president of the United States. He is promising to spend money on infrastructure to create jobs. That would normally mean new houses, roads, water pipes, electricity distribution and gas pipelines. On the Trump list of new infrastructure is a 50 feet high wall along the border with Mexico. Good luck with that! The other presidential hopeful is Hilary Clinton, who while Trump has many stains on his character… Yes, I think she should avoid employing any young interns of either sex…

I watched a programme on TV about some kids in China, they were junior reporters on their school newspaper. They investigated the wildlife on local mudflats that was being killed by pollution by nearby chemical works. They wrote about it and hoped besides getting their article published in the school newspaper they might get it published in the local newspaper. They went to see the editor. He didn’t like their sensational headline about chemical companies murdering small birds, he said they should be less sensational and more scientific. They should try the Sun, Daily Mail or maybe the Express… One man’s poison is another man’s meaty headline.

I think the super-moon and the switch-on of the Christmas lights will be the highlights of this month. I have a school reunion on the same night as the lights switch-on. It will be a busy month. At least I won’t have time to worry about Trump and the nuclear button…

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