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Supermoon in focus #photography

Last night’s supermoon was obscured by cloud earlier in the evening but lots of people tried to photograph it. It did eventually break out from behind the cloud in the Black Country and was as bright as ever and so too bright for many cameras. I took my shots with a 300 mm lens on manual and used spot focus.

focus on the supermoon 2016


When you take a shot like this you need to watch for ‘noise’ on the black part of the image. That shows up as white or sometimes multi-coloured dots. I zoomed in on this shot when I edited it and it is virtually free of noise. I shot it at 6000 x 4000 pixels so I could crop it and effectively zoom in to give a better view. I had one focus point and positioned that on the moon and took the shot. This shot was taken at 1/4000 of a second and I reduced the light using exposure compensation.


Practice focus

You can practice getting the moon in focus by photographing a street lamp. This image is in focus but there is a lot more noise. When the camera is focusing using auto focus it needs lines between light and dark in order to focus.  Those lines can be blurred when photographing the moon. You can see the lines that divide light and dark quite clearly on this picture. When you photograph landscapes those lines can be less distinct too.



I’ve photographed a lot of remembrance events over the past week and at events the difference between light and dark can be less pronounced. I tried to focus on one or two people rather than large groups. The focus of a picture draws the eye and then the out of focus parts aren’t noticed.

CEMETARY © 12 NOV (52)

The difference between light and dark in this image isn’t very distinct and so the camera doesn’t focus so well. Autumn leaves in landscape pictures a can just blur into one mass of yellow and orange. The light was poor for this shot and for stunning autumn landscapes you need good light to separate dark surfaces from the lighter ones.

Photography offers continual challenges. Next week, there will be an event to mark the switch-on of the Christmas lights and I’ll be there to take pictures. It will be dark and so I will have to use a flash to  photograph the entertainers and revellers alike.

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