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Surprising art #photography #art

It is surprising art when you find a shot that is quite ugly but the resulting photograph has some artistic merit. I went in search of graffiti and the uglier side of life on Sunday as well as taking some more scenic shots.


Surprising art

It was quite cloudy on Sunday so I had to raise the ISO but got some quite decent pictures.This image is quite sharp and the patterns on the brickwork make it interesting. The contrast between the car and the building gives us a sense of the artistic. We can find surprising art in the back streets of a post-industrial town.



The art of the craftsman went into this gate but the damaged wall gives a clue to the recent neglect of the area.

surprising art?

The story

Art tells the story and this image shows what happens when we stop caring. A vandalised building and fly tipping. There is a chaotic message left by the graffiti artists too. I think they need a better medium for their art. It might be “protest art” but it has some merit. The artist isn’t without ability. Perhaps the graffiti represents the lack of opportunity for many young people with an inclination towards art.


Multistory based in West Bromwich use art to tell stories. The art is often “surprising art” that tells the story of local people. One of their commissions is the Caravan Gallery. This is a mobile art exhibition that goes out to the people and they are taking photographs and talking to people in the six towns that make up Sandwell. I’ll meet with them when they come to Wednesbury but I also hope to catch up with them when they take the caravan to Princes End in Tipton next week. There is a Facebook Group for their Sandwell Pride of Place Project. Please join the Facebook group and support it.

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