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Survival of the fittest #thrifty

survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest is a term that comes from evolutionary theory describing natural selection. It basically means the strongest and smartest survive better than the weak. In sophisticated societies man has learnt to help the weakest survive too. We are more sophisticated than other animals we can feel empathy for our fellow man; but there seems less empathy now.

If you are born into a strong culture, with money and a heritage then you have a much better chance of surviving to reach old age. If you were born on a poor council estate or in a country torn apart by modern warfare, you stand much less of a chance of survival; let alone enjoying life.

Survival of the smartest

In in Britain, money determines much of how you will live your life. People compete to buy homes because there is a shortage. They compete to rent homes too and the winner is the one with the most money. After you have paid for water, housing, food, taxes and communications; what is left is your discretionary income. That is the money you have left to enjoy life and for many, that is a large sum that allows them to buy luxury cars and for others it is a small amount that means they have few luxuries. Being thrifty can mean you have more discretionary income and so it can make life better.

The Aldi super-six this week are salad tomatoes (6), cauliflower, chantenay carrots (500g), white/red cabbage, onions (1kg) and snack pack grapes (170g). They are all 39p each. I took at look at those this week. The tomatoes were over-ripe and not worth buying and the cauliflowers were very small. Grapes are cheap now, I saw 500g for just £1 at Farmfoods.

The special buys today are mixed, but featured French wine. There are some memory foam pads for chairs that I might take a look at. The bath runner might be a good idea too.

The special buys on Sunday are too varied for me to mention all of them.There are tools and food, only the duck legs interested me; but what is in the sauce?

Matalan has reduced some items to half price or less, but check the sizes before you get too excited. The things I looked at were out of stock, unless you were an overweight midget. My local Matalan is now virtually impossible to get to because of roadworks and a closed slip road on J9 of the M6. I’m surprised that Matalan, Ikea, Halfords and B&Q et al aren’t noticing a drop in trade.

Yesterday, I paid the line rental on my phone for 12 months. It didn’t save me a fortune, but every little helps. I will also pay my car insurance and AA membership for 12 months to save a little money. In fact, I agreed to AA membership for 2 years and got a discount. Pay monthly nearly always costs money. In the survival of the fittest game, I might not be the fittest, but hope to be smarter than average.

If you have a mobile phone check out the link in the sidebar to Giff Gaff, I will put £10 worth of credit on my phone this week, just in case I need to use it, but also so I get free Giff Gaff to Giff Gaff calls. That £10 of credit will last me 3 months easily. You can buy goody bags too and I sometimes have the one £7.50. I might have one at Christmas so I can phone friends and family cheaper.

The Zopa link is in the sidebar too, if you want to save your money and get 4% or better return. You can also borrow from Zopa too, if you have a good credit rating. In finance, survival of the fittest means not missing a good opportunity to make or save money.

Remember that besides being an individual thing, survival is also easier with others as a collective. So watch out for community initiatives, like free entertainment and places to go. Be aware of what’s going on in your community.

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