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Sweet deals and bargains

They have a sweet deal on at Poundland this week; two bags of sugar for a pound! They have a money belt for a pound too; just the thing for us stingy types!


The super-six at Aldi this week are peaches (4/5), little gem lettuce (2), galia melon, large vine tomatoes, runner beans and apricots. They are all 49p each and the offer lasts until the 12th of August.

The special buys today are varied, but they have a smart phone for just 69.99 and a tablet computer for 149.99. That phone is good for kids who moan for phone once they go to high school.

The top special buy on Sunday is a fitness jacket. There are various other fitness related products too.


I’m not very impressed by Tesco’s special offers, but if that’s your nearest store it might still be worth shopping there, just for the huge variety of products.


Asda have some special offers with iceberg lettuce, celery and cucumber at just 39p. They still aren’t competing very well with Aldi on price, but like Tesco have a greater selection of goods.

In fact I might pop in Asda today. I have to go to a cash machine and there are a few close to Asda.


Summer isn’t over yet, but Matalan have some sweet deals on summer clothing. I like their homeware too. It’s a good place for bedding and towels.

There is still half the summer left and so watch out for cheap and free places to go. I make a list of places to go. I do take the photos at many of the events and have been invited to take photos at a charity fun day this weekend.

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