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Symbols of status #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so this must be my Sunday ramble when I let you into a more mysterious area of my mind and ramble on. What am I thinking about this week? The daffodil should give you a clue…


Yes, it is still February and we not only have some sunshine breaking through the cloud, it is actually quite warm. My computer says it’s 11C outside which if warmer than we usually find in spring. The light seems quite good and so I’ll be out doing a bit of landscape photography this afternoon.

European Union

We have to vote in a referendum in June and decide whether to stay in the European Union or leave. I don’t like their obsession with status symbols in Brussels and Strasberg, they are too full of their own importance. It is a power base and don’t they like to impose their rules on us. What dimwit came up with the idea of making incandescent light bulbs illegal? Didn’t they think of older people negotiating their stairs at night and needing a good light? They started giving away fluorescent bulbs to older people for free, what good are they when your eyes are failing and you’re on the list for cataract surgery on the NHS? The truth is, power, not people  is important to politicians. I read that Nigel Farage thinks that minorities should stop whinging and just get on with it. Nigel is a minority and he’s always bloody whinging.

Town Halls

Our town halls are symbols of prestige from a bygone age but they aren’t good enough for modern politicians, they have to spend millions on modern civic centres that have all the style of a council tower block. Then they spend a fortune on expensive interior decoration complete with chandeliers.


The palaces are the most audacious symbols of bourgeois symbolism. The European parliament  has nothing on the Palace of Westminster which now needs a billion pounds of repair work. That’s the trouble with a palace, they not only cost a fortune to build, they also cost a fortune to maintain. In London, they have Buckingham palace and Kensington palace and God knows what else too. They get all the ten-course banquets and the regions of this ‘united kingdom’ get to lick the plate.


I had an interesting week. I had a video chat with a few people in  northern China and learned how to say hello in Chinese. I was even invited to visit China. I was hoping to be invited to take photos at events in this community, but nothing yet. I have been invited to the open day of a photographic society in West Bromwich. I’ll tell you about that closer to the date. Photographic equipment is expensive and so as you might expect, hiring a photographer is expensive too. I do it for nothing, so you would think I would have lots of invitations. I just get asked about weddings, which I don’t do. I’m more a paparazzi style photographer who captures the mood rather than the stiff pose of unwilling participants.

Gatwick Gusher

I own a few shares in an oil company and they own a share in the so-called Gatwick Gusher than started to gush with 450 barrels of oil a day, this week. That cheered me up a bit.

Photo challenge

I did a photo challenge this week too. The subject was seasons so that went well. It got me a few extra readers for this amazing blog. Anyway, it’s time for me to think about Sunday lunch. I’ll have something light, then I’ll be off out in the sun!

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