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Predators and prey #life

predators or prey


In the wild there are predators and prey. It’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest  as the animals  try to survive individually and collectively. The lion is part of  pride and has no feelings about the suffering of it’s prey as it rips through it’s flesh with it’s razor sharp teeth. The heart of the lion beats just like our own. (more…)

Weather, we like it or not

Sandwell 006

We British do tend to be a bit obsessed with the weather. We talk about it a lot, it’s either too hot or too cold. Too dry causing a bloody drought or raining persistently. Whether we like it or not, we can’t control the weather. With the rain we have had this summer; I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some mad scientist hadn’t been having a go at weather control.  He probably got a grant to try to  make it rain in Manchester, but not in London. It seems to have gone wrong…


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