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Industrial Black Country


Industrial Revolution

The canals of the Black Country were cut through the landscape in the 18th century to carry coal and steel. This was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. When Britain was great and had an empire that stretched across the globe. It was a pleasant time for the rich in their mansions but a terrible time for the poor who were exploited and deprived. (more…)

The winner takes it all? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’m rambling again. What’s on my mind this morning? My great niece Megan, was on ‘The Voice’ last night doing battle with a team-mate. That is not a good idea, team-mates are supposed to be on the same side and the song was  a compromise that didn’t really suit either performer. (more…)

Innovation and invention

Canal Bridge, Wednesbury

In the 18th century, water power dominated in Britain, most power came from watermills and canals were built to transport coal and other goods around the country. This age of water power was followed in the 19th century by steam power, railways were build the length and breadth of Britain. The 20th century saw railways become less fashionable and road transport dominated. Now in the 21 century we see recession, not just in the UK but around the world.


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