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Escaping from slavery #finance #health

I usually write my finance and investment post on a Friday but I had a few other things to do so I’m a day late. Escaping from slavery sounds like a title about the deep south or a post about a third world country but many of us in developing countries are enslaved by addiction or debt. We become slaves to tobacco, alcohol or interest payments. Gambling and even shopping can be addictive and can also enslave us. So we need to throw off our shackles and live free. The prize in many cases is peace of mind, debt can drive people to suicide. In the great depression of the 1930’s financiers were throwing themselves off the skyscrapers of New York, such is the power of money in our lives.

escaping from slavery


Addicted or social relationship?


I read an article over the weekend about new research into addictions. It suggested that people can get addicted to all kinds of things because the addictive substance becomes a replacement for our connections to other people. I think it meant we fail to relate to other people. (more…)

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