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Graphic design using PhotoScape

I’ve been using PhotoScape to do some graphic design to publicise a few events. It is fairly easy and very effective. You can not only tell people about your event but show them the location with a picture. Today, I’m doing a photo shoot to raise money for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital and so designed a graphic to publicise it.

Photo shoot - graphic design


The power of images #photography


This picture of the two churches overlooking where I live will be recognised by people living in the town. It’s an iconic image even at night and one that can be seen miles away. When we see the churches we know we’re home. (more…)

Monetize your blog?


Today I’ve started with a photo linked to the Rotary Club website who organise the carnival, it’s essentially an advert for my local carnival. I want to publicise local events and businesses. I’m doing free adverts, but local adverts could easily be used to monetize your blog. (more…)

Photography: Advertising on your blog

1 Vine advert

I’ve started with a photo of a pub we visited on Friday today. I’ve added some text using PhotoScape to turn it into an advert and if you click it; it will take you to the Facebook page for the pub (in a new window). Creating and adding adverts for local businesses is that easy and not very intrusive. (more…)

Investments: Investing in peace

I’m not having a good week with my investments on the stock exchange. There are various reasons for the downturn in prices. One of the main reasons is the problems in Ukraine. Some people like conflict, fortunes can be made. (more…)

Suggestion and influence

Hypnotists understand the power of suggestion, but you don’t have to be in a trance to be affected. The suggestion might come through the power of television in the form of subtle and clever advertising.


How to sell – just about anything

Large companies know how to sell, they have whole marketing departments dedicated to selling their products and services. They have all kinds of devices and tricks to make us part with our money. We can use some of those tricks to sell stuff too! It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling crafts or your used car.


Psychology | The power of repetition


Advertisers have long understood then power of repetition and use the same or similar advert over and over again. We are brainwashed with repetition. It’s not just advertisers that use repetition, it’s the basis of nagging.


Summer time ends

River Tame Sandwell Valley

British summer time ends this weekend. We change the clocks one hour (back) and so the nights will be darker and the mornings will be lighter for a while at least. The colours of nature are changing and the trees and changing colour as the leaves begin to fall.


How Visual Merchandising Can Boost Your Sales

A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

So you have finally opened your dream store. Everything is in place. The finance part, the advertising part and every little minute detail you needed for incepting your store is complete. You advertised in your own way in the local newspaper and on the radio station or the old and traditionally famous word of mouth concept is working its magic. You place every item you wanted in place. Now you are waiting for customers to come in to your store. You think now all you have to hear is your cash box registering. (more…)

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