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Using the flash or increasing the ISO #photography

When the light is poor you can usually choose between increasing the ISO which effectively makes your sensor more sensitive to light or you can use a flash. I used a pop-up flash yesterday and that was the wrong choice because my subjects were wearing high visibility vests! The light wasn’t too bad and so a higher ISO would have been a better choice but I realised my mistake and increased the ISO for the rest of my shots. Using the flash is usually a good option if you’re photographing people and doing close up shots.

Using the flash


Fun with photography

SANNA (42)

I photographed this boat last week. I wanted it in fairly sharp focus so I could read the name. The wind was blowing the tarpaulin around so, I need to freeze the movement. I needed a fast shutter speed. It was a little cloudy, so raising the ISO would help too. I just selected a scene mode and the sports setting gave me everything I needed. (more…)

Portraits and people #photography

I’ve talked a lot about apertures and shutter speeds in these lessons on basic photography. A wide aperture gives you a short depth of field and so your subject will be in sharp focus, but behind your subject will be out of focus. This can be useful for photographing people, wildlife and for food photography. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Apertures

aperture 006


Last week, I described apertures as being like a doorway. The wider the door is open the more light gets in. The settings on my camera are between F3.2 and F8 and these are called stops. Imagine a stop behind a door that stops it opening too far; the bigger the stop, the less it opens. So a stop of F8 is a small aperture and lets in less light and a stop of 3.2 is a large aperture and lets in lots of light. In this picture I had a aperture of 3.2 to let in lots of light being reflected off the berries and if you look carefully you will also so it was reflected off the spider’s web behind the berries. The depth of field is short though and so the background is out of focus. (more…)

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