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No such thing as perfect

There is no such thing as perfect

Sometimes I’ll look at a photograph that I’ve taken and see lots wrong with it and consider just deleting it. There is no such thing as perfect. We just have to do our best and then have to accept what we have. (more…)

Creating images

I designed this advertisement for a charity fun day event and tried to give it a fun look. Image is important for events, places and people. Even this website has an image and I try to make it colourful. (more…)

Psychology | Perceptions

Sanna coloured

My picture today is quite eerie. Different people with react to the picture differently; some people will think it’s quite spooky while others will think it’s artistic. These are perceptions, emotional reactions to what we encounter.  We tend to imagine that others perceive things the same as we do. They don’t obviously and this leads to different points of view. A woman’s perception of shopping for example can be quite different from that of a man. These perceptions are often manipulated by the media and by advertisers who constantly try to persuade us to see things their way. (more…)

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