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Delving into the archive. #photography

I have an archive of photographs on my hard drive and also one on my website server and I have flash drives and external disk drives too. I can delve into these archives when I need a photo to promote something in particular. I created a vectored graphic logo to overlay onto photos of my local park to use on the Facebook page. I want to raise the profile of the park and encourage people to use it.

BRUNSWICK PARK image from the archive


Archive and library #photography

My camera takes photos that are 24 Megapixel and often that translates to a file size of 12 Mb or more. I then resize the folder to a size suitable for the internet which is typically 1 Mb file size per image. The images take up a lot of space on my laptop and video takes up even more. It is essential then to move them onto some kind of removable storage. My archive consists of a 500 Gb external hard drive and I have just bought a 1 Tb flash drive which will become another archive for images, video and music. I can simply move the latest files from the library on my laptop to an archive and free up space.



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