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Exhibiting in the art gallery #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share with you my innermost thoughts. What’s on my mind this week? Well, art is still on my mind because I took my picture to the art gallery for it to be exhibited next month. You want to see it, don’t you?

To be exhibited in Wednesbury Art Gallery


Creative opportunities for everyone? #culture

Wednesbury art gallery

Living in the Black Country, all I seemed to hear about when I was young was the industry. Now I hear a lot about creativity and art. We used to make steel tubes here and all sorts of products that supported the motor industry and the building industry. The Black Country was an important part of a nation that was industrious. We made things. (more…)

Coping with winter light #photography


I find taking photographs outdoors in winter quite challenging. This building was a Victorian science school. The old sign is covered with the later ‘Adult Education Centre’ sign. The building will soon be demolished and so I took a photograph to record it as part of our history. (more…)

Sunday photography


This is the waterfront bar near Walsall Art Gallery where I went on Sunday. It’s a reasonable good place to take photographs especially in bad weather, because I can also go into the art gallery. (more…)

What is art?

Walsall New Art Gallery

I went to Walsall Art Gallery yesterday. The weather was grey and miserable, just like Walsall really. I think the mantra of the planners in Walsall is ‘any colour as long as it’s grey’. I might as well take my photos in grey scale. (more…)

Photography: Changing weather

1 art gallery

The weather keeps changing now and so I have to sometimes take photographs indoors. We took a few outdoors this week, but dropped into the art gallery to take a few in the afternoon. It’s advisable to have the flash off in an art gallery or museum because long term exposure can damage the paintings. (more…)

The art of making money

1 sepia resize

I uploaded some of my images to Saatchi Art last week so they could be put on sale, unfortunately they didn’t accept my ID so they won’t be on sale just yet.  Good prints fetch quite high prices, especially if they are limited editions. You need a quality image that is not just a snap that anyone could take. (more…)

Summer time ends, winter drawers on!

The Manor Hospital Walsall

Last Autumn, I uploaded this picture and a few that I had taken in Merrion’s Wood as entries to a photographic contest at the hospital. I didn’t win, but I was a finalist. I went to the presentation at the new hospital and even got a certificate from the mayor. Sorry the picture is in black and white, that’s a technical error I can’t be bothered to fix. 


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