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Big is not beautiful


I photographed this bus the other day near Tesco. I read this morning that the bus company is owned by a group of companies based in Germany. Everything appears to be foreign-owned in Britain these days and our politicians go cap in hand to other countries begging for investment. Something is not right.


Spring in the heart of England

River Tame

Today’s photo is of Spring. No, not this Spring! This was last Spring, the sun was shining and the River Tame was lined with millions of flowers! There were bluebells in the woods, blossom on the trees and it was Spring. What do we have this year?


Finance Friday | devaluing people

A few years ago, the refuse collection service where I live was put out to tender. One of those big ‘outsourcing’ companies won the 300 million pound contract. They now collect refuse, a wheelie bin for recycling, a bin for garden waste in summer, a bin for a kitchen waste and a bin that is supposed to be kept in the kitchen for waste too. The staff got a pay cut when it was all reorganised and that wasn’t the only council service to be outsourced.


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