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The autumn equinox 2016 #seasons

It’s the autumn equinox tomorrow when the day is split equally into light and dark and my landscape photography becomes a little more challenging. In fact, I’ll probably do more indoor photography.

Autumn colours


Last of the summer #photography


It’s the autumnal equinox tomorrow and only a month until the end of British summer time. There is time to get in some more landscape photography as all the colours of nature begin to change. We might get some sunny autumn days, but I expect the temperatures to start to drop now. (more…)

The first day of Autumn


It is the first day of Autumn today. It’s the Autumn equinox today, when we have equal daylight hours to night time hours. We didn’t have much of a summer and I woke up this morning to see frost on my garden. You are probably thinking my photo is a nice Autumn picture. It was taken weeks ago!


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