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Supermoon in focus #photography

Last night’s supermoon was obscured by cloud earlier in the evening but lots of people tried to photograph it. It did eventually break out from behind the cloud in the Black Country and was as bright as ever and so too bright for many cameras. I took my shots with a 300 mm lens on manual and used spot focus.

focus on the supermoon 2016


Low light and dark skies #photography

A few people have asked how I got into blogging and photography recently. I think people just do it when they realise that they can. Most bloggers are frustrated writers who would prefer to be writing for a top magazine but find their niche in blogging. It is the same for photography and I’m now something of a community photographer and I enjoy it because it is a constant challenge. Autumn and winter give me a new challenge – low light.



Autumn colours and cooler days #ramble


Autumn is truly upon us now and the light for photography is getting warmer and less harsh and nature is getting ready for its winter sleep. Along with those golden autumn colours, we are also experiencing cooler days. Talk is of Halloween and bonfires and there are reports of fireworks already. That could just be a community signal to signify a certain delivery…



The autumn equinox 2016 #seasons

It’s the autumn equinox tomorrow when the day is split equally into light and dark and my landscape photography becomes a little more challenging. In fact, I’ll probably do more indoor photography.

Autumn colours


The affect of colours #life

Colours do affect our moods and we associate different colours with different things. White is associated with purity, red is associated with excitement and black is seen as morbid and depressing. Bright colours are associated with fun and are favoured by children, yellow in particular. (more…)

Grey skies #photography

I took a few photos yesterday and tree lined streets can look great with the variety of colour we have now. This was just before the rain so I used an ISO of 400 to compensate for the dark skies. (more…)

Autumn and winter #ramble


We are into autumn now and nature is giving us a warning that winter is fast approaching. Tomorrow British Summertime ends and we move our clocks an hour back. It will mean it gets dark earlier and I’ll gain an hour’s sleep. (more…)

Last of the summer #photography


It’s the autumnal equinox tomorrow and only a month until the end of British summer time. There is time to get in some more landscape photography as all the colours of nature begin to change. We might get some sunny autumn days, but I expect the temperatures to start to drop now. (more…)

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