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Escape the rat race #culture

escaping the rat race

In an analogy to the modern city, many rats in a single maze expend a lot of effort running around, but ultimately achieve nothing (meaningful) either collectively or individually. This is often used in reference to work, particularly excessive or competitive work; in general terms, if one works too much, one is in the rat race. This terminology contains implications that many people see work as a seemingly endless pursuit with little reward or purpose. (more…)

Fashion on a budget #thrifty

Fashion on a budget

Supply and demand dictates that things in short supply tend to be expensive. The most fashionable clothes are well made and well designed with attention to detail and so they tend to be more expensive.  That famous name too means you have to pay more. Is it worth it? (more…)

Buying the image

Like it or not, we all have an image and most people care about their image. It makes us dress smarter for a night out or to the office and influences many of the purchases that we make. The marketing departments of successful companies know this. Do we need to spend a lot of money pandering to our own vanity? Do we need a posh home? Do we need the decorations and Christmas tree at Christmas? Do we need posh clothing? Do we need all the adornments?


Spring at last


Yes, it’s the vernal equinox today, it begins at 11:02 in the UK. The picture is of Dartmouth golf course at the top of Sandwell Valley. Half of Sandwell Valley is golf courses for private members. That is a huge amount of land for the exclusive use of the privileged few. It’s good for mental health to get out there and experience nature. It is something we need to preserve and value.


What is avant-garde?

Avant-garde, means the vanguard or advanced guard. It generally refers to people who ‘go first’ and lead the way in art and culture. The term has been applied to art and artists such as the impressionists. It has been mostly applied to art and artists of the Victorian era, but the expression is still used today.


Nostalgia and the 21st century

Forge Mill Farm Shop Sandwell Valley

Do you every feel nostalgic and find yourself yearning for a simpler life? We have lots of technology now and people do like their smart televisions, smart phones and smart lifestyles. But is it enough? Are we all lacking something and aren’t quite sure what? Is life just too stressful, too greed driven, too selfish?


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