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Psychology| Symmetry

It’s Valentine’s Day on Friday which has become part of the human mating ritual. People will send cards, buy gifts and have dinner with people they are attracted to. What makes people attractive though? Research suggests it’s symmetry. (more…)

Psychology: Introverts and extroverts

Introverts tend to be the quiet studious types and extroverts the life and soul of the party and more outgoing. However, the two groups aren’t always opposed in their behaviour. Introverts can be quite outgoing at times and extroverts can be quite withdrawn and need their own ‘space’. (more…)

Psychology | perceptions of self


The only perception that early man had of himself, was what he saw when he looked at other people. Looking at their reflection in a pool of water was probably quite intriguing. We can see our reflections using mirrors at any time.


Psychology | Appropriate behaviour


As we travel through life we have a tendency to believe, what we want to believe. Young girls see the models in magazines who are so slim and beautiful and they think they will be beautiful too, if only they lose weight. But although they are often underweight and anorexic, they don’t look good and don’t feel good. Sometimes people will feel one thing, but their behaviour will hide their feelings. When there is a terrible crime like murder, people are shocked by the crime, but even more shocked to find out who did it. They will often say that the killer seemed so nice! (more…)

What your behaviour says about you

Bannister road 082

Even relatively minor aspects of our behaviour says a lot about us. My interest in photography, canals, art and history reflects my personality. Behaviour can come across as positive or negative to other people. It can define us as a leader or a sheep-like follower. If you tend to read the most popular newspaper because everyone else reads it. That could define you as a follower. In the UK people often make fun of Sun readers for that reason, but even if you read the less popular Times newspaper, you are still following the crowd. The crowd in that case being others in your own social class. (more…)

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