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Festering discontentment #politics

I can’t wait for spring, last year it kept on raining all through winter. We did have a little snow in January but it was quite a mild winter. We are just into the new year and many pundits are trying to forecast what 2016 will bring. I might as well have a go at it as well! (more…)

Sunday hopes and fears #ramble

Sunday after the sun god, Monday after the moon god...

It’s Sunday and so I try to write another Sunday ramble, even though I’m half asleep. I’m on my third cup of tea and the caffeine isn’t yet working it’s magic. People used to worship the sun and the moon, hence the names for the days of the week. People still go to church on Sunday! (more…)

Bitter and twisted?

28 July 2015 Black Country (92)

My picture today is of the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal, we have a lot of canals in the Black Country. It looks like a very peaceful tranquil scene, but in Anglo Saxon times there were all kinds of dangers, including wolves. (more…)

Psychology | Logic and proof


People often disagree about things. We disagree about politics, religion and money most often. We will also  disagree about status; we look up to and respect different people. We might disagree about art or music; we all have different tastes. We can even disagree about which foods we like.


Subliminal influence

Motor Show 158

Everything that we do in the presence of others has an influence on them. How can you have more of an influence? How can you talk to their inner self, their subconscious mind? Hypnotherapists do this by putting their clients in a trance, but it’s not really necessary to do that. Last week, I wrote about how to talk to your (inner) self to overcome problems and perhaps make yourself more confident. How can you talk to the inner self of others and have influence?


Psychology | Appropriate behaviour


As we travel through life we have a tendency to believe, what we want to believe. Young girls see the models in magazines who are so slim and beautiful and they think they will be beautiful too, if only they lose weight. But although they are often underweight and anorexic, they don’t look good and don’t feel good. Sometimes people will feel one thing, but their behaviour will hide their feelings. When there is a terrible crime like murder, people are shocked by the crime, but even more shocked to find out who did it. They will often say that the killer seemed so nice! (more…)

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